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Manipur: Two Youth Escape Quarantine Facility To Meet Girlfriends, Return With Liquor And Cigarettes

Manipur: Two Youth Escape Quarantine Facility To Meet Girlfriends, Return With Liquor And Cigarettes



Two youth, who were quarantined in Manipur’s Tamenglong, escaped the facility to meet their girlfriends. But when they returned, they brought with them alcohol, cigarettes and ganja.

The duo sold the liquor, cigarettes and ganja to other inmates at the quarantine centre. It was only after an official at the quarantine facility caught them distributing the alcohol and cigarettes, the story of their escape-and-return was known.

The story about the escape of the two youth was posted on Facebook by Tamenglong Deputy Commissioner. He, however, did not specify the date of the incident.

“I and my team here in the district are truly clueless on how to deal with both these rotten returnees and those local thugs supporting them,” Tamenglong Deputy Commissioner Armstrong Pame expressed his helplessness as he posted on Facebook.

“2 returnees escaped to meet their GFs (girlfriends) and came back having collected their bike from home…8 litres of local made liquor brought to one quarantine centre as ordered by some quarantinees…4 packages of ganja and cigarettes being demanded by one of the quarantinees…and caught while being delivered…[sic],”Armstrong’s post read.

“…how do we punish them…we are running out of option to punish them as jails are closed…no one wants to beat them up for fear of human rights violation…even if we impose fines you can easily pay it because you will recover by selling your supply at higher rates…we can’t quarantine you because we can’t feed u or has no more space!!![sic]” he further said in the post.

Terming these unruly youth as ‘rotten apples’, the DC said that when everyone – villagers, church and volunteers – are coming forward to help the quarantine centre in the fight against COVID-19, these ‘black sheep’ have frustrated all and brought a bad name to all those in the quarantine centre.

Manipur has recorded 366 COVID-19 positive cases till June 11.

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