Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hailed people leading the fight against coronavirus and said India is standing firmly with those facing difficult times during the pandemic, both in the country and abroad.

He also said India’s development will always aid global growth.

Speaking at a global virtual Buddha Purnima event, Modi said, “People world over working selflessly for others in these difficult times are worthy of praise.”

“India is standing strong and selflessly in these difficult times with those facing trouble in India or abroad. India’s growth will always be aiding global growth,” he said.

“Buddha is the symbol of both realisation and self-realisation of India. With this self-realisation, India is working in the interest of humanity and the world and will continue to do so.

“India is constantly working to help other countries across the globe and will continue to do the same. Today, India is standing firmly in support of everyone, without any discrimination, who are in need or who are in trouble, in the country or across the globe,” the prime minister said.

“While making every possible effort to save every countryman, India is also sincerely fulfilling its global obligations. Lord Buddha’s teachings reinforce India’s commitment to saving humanity. To stop after getting tired cannot be a solution to any problem. All of us have to fight together to defeat coronavirus,” he added.

Buddha Purnima celebrations are being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event is being organised in the honour of COVID-19 victims and frontline warriors.

With the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic, PM Modi said the teachings of Lord Buddha have become all the more relevant.

“Lord Buddha had said that man must continuously strive to overcome difficult situations. Today, we all are continuously trying to overcome a difficult situation, we are working together.

“The four truths were given by Lord Buddha- Compassion, mercy, equanimity, accepting everything as it is. These truths have been our constant inspirations. Discarding considerations of profit and loss, powerful or weak, for us, this is a time to extend a helping hand as much as possible. This is the reason that many countries remembered India in these times of crisis and our nation left no stone unturned in offering help to them,” he said.

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