View over Tokyo

Were staying in the most prettiest Hotel ever. Were so high up we get pressure on our ears ever time we’re in the lift to our room but the view is amazing! When I wake up to early I love to watch what’s happening outside and discover interesting details and Buildings. And I love all the lights when it get dark outside. I even see it from my bed when I fall asleep.  Here’s a really cool picture of my Boyfriend while he’s sitting at the window with view over the city.


  1. Stunning place

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    Studded shoes!

  2. Wow……absolutely breath taking…Your so lucky that you get to experience it! <3

  3. Looks amazing xx

  4. Wow, the view looks magnificent! You guys are such a good looking couple!

  5. It looks amazing!! And I love your jacket 😀 Xx

  6. WOW? Tokyo is great,amazing photos 🙂

  7. gorgeous!!
    xoxo Sienna

  8. great jacket !!

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  9. This view is sooo gorgeous! I’d love to be in your place 😉 Have fun!

  10. wow that view is amazing! So jealous!

    Hannah xx