Postcards from London

I planed to go to London for fashion week, cause I know reading about fashion week and not being there drives me crazy. Some month ago I booked a flight for that weekend and eventually forgot about it. Mostly because I was so excited about my trip to Mykonos with my Boyfriend.
2 Weeks before I flew to London It came to my mind and I quickly booked a cheap hotel around victoria. I hadn’t organised anything and didn’t have any invitations to shows. I thought Id just join the photographers and filmmakers I’ve got to know and just go with the flow. 

But than walking trough the streets of London, I thought It would be way more fun to just discover the city. I did some intense shopping, found corners in London, I couldn’t believe I didn’t know and eat in the most charming restaurants. Going to the theater to see Dirty dancing was probably on of the best Ideas I ever had. I didn’t have wifi in my room, which almost drove me crazy and again proves how addicted I am. I must admit, It probably was pretty good for me, cause I ended up reading again. Only a few more pages left until I finish Coco Chanel’s biography. 
while walking trough London I saw people standing in line to get in this restaurant, which made me curious of course. I googled it and found out it was one of Trip advisors tips. The next morning I got up extra early to enjoy some Pancakes with berries at The Breakfast Club
I was actually quite surprised when I walked around picadilly and discovered China town. I think I’ve even been there some years ago with my mom  but I completely forgot about it.
However I bumped into an other Trip advisor tip in China Town called Leong’s Legends and decided to enjoy some dim sum.


  1. Love your pictures of London!

  2. Very nice pics!

  3. the photos are lovely! I miss London so much ♥

  4. I loved that you just went exploring around and found all these gems! I usually do the same when I go somewhere

  5. Seems like such a great adventure!

  6. Hey Joy mir hend oises Hotel gad bi dem Schwarze Pub uf de erste Fotene gha haha 😀 Cooli Fotene!!!