Zürich City Look

Zürich City Look

I’m so busy lately, so many jobs and projects going on. Well not blog projects I’m talking about film and photography jobs! I do have jobs in fashion but most of my things are not fashion related, but I really enjoy working with different companies and having a glimpse in their world. It’s really interesting to see different people, how they work and live. I think that’s one of my favorite parts about this job.
What I wanted to say is that, while being so busy I prefer to keep a casual look.  Pair of pants, loose blouse and flat boots. Heels just look better in pictures but are a real pain if working! 


  1. Love this outfit, looking great!


  2. Nice pictures! Love your booties <3


  3. nice= DDD
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  4. Love your jacket! <3 xx

  5. Hey,
    sweet outfit. I like your necklaces most!


  6. Hi,

    It was lovely seeing you shooting this wonderful pictures. Despite the rain there is so much poetry in your pictures.

    Let us catch up on photography (my email venelinat@gmail.com)

    Looking forward to seeing you and more of your wonderful shots.

    my best

    (The lady who chatted you up while you were taking those pics)

  7. Cute xx

  8. I love those boots, would wear this for a casual shopping day (: