Urania rock`n`roll

I meet up with Michele over lunch to shoot our looks and we decided to go for this cute restaurant as a background. That obviously drew some attention to us, because 10 min later the waiter came out and brought us a coffee! Isn’t that nice? Things like that keep happening to us while shooting, people asking if they should take a photo of us together or a fortune teller wanting to talk to us. She was kind of creepy though.

Dress: Mango


  1. That dress is really pretty! I’m loving that trend of squares and floral together.


  2. Such a pretty dress!

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous! So fun to have these things happen to you guys while shooting 🙂


  4. Love the mix of plaid and floral. Super cool! xo



  5. ahh this dress is so cute!

    Hannah xx