Tights Don’t Help Against The Cold.

Last week Michele and I went to the watch exhibition in the Hyatt Hotel Zürich.  We discovered the new collections of the luxury watch and jewelry brands and I even learned a little something. You know those watches that are really expensive, well thats because it’s made of a special technology that allows the watch to provide it’s own energy. That means no batterie needed! And putting a watch together that runs on its own has to be hand made and you can imagine how many hours of work that means. That also explains the price. Did you know that?
It was extremely cold that day, it just dropped to minus temperatures over night and it was freezing cold! Luckily the fur coat was extremely warm  but tights? How stupid was I? I was really pissed, because I was frozen down to my bones and felt like not even that warmest blanket in the world could warm me up anymore. But in the mean time I’ve gotten used to it.


  1. Beautiful dress and coat!


  2. Love this outfit dear! Zebra + Red + Dots could only looks like perfection!


  3. It’s so cold here too, so I understand you;)) great look!!

    xoxo Iren

  4. you look nice tho!

    xoxo, Zahara Tales

  5. The dress looks so nice with the polka dot tights and the black and white faux fur coat! Love this outfit

  6. Ah, they may not be warm, but they’re super cute! Loving the pattern on the jacket too 🙂