Sylvester Look

Here is the look I wore on Sylvester. Since it was dark by the time my hair was cut, dyed and styled I couldn’t make any photos anymore. So I put it on again to show it to you. A simple black lace dress from Zara with a beautiful silver belt and matching silver arm bracelet that I got from my boyfriends mother. 
While editing the photos, I thought  black and white matched this look very good since the look doesn’t have much color. In this way the lace dress has a bigger impact on the photos. The background was very colorful and seemed to distract the pictures anyway. 
Dress Zara
Belt Zara
Shoes Zara
Bracelet (a present)


  1. That’s a great look! Also liked the choice to go for black & white photos 🙂

  2. What a beautiful dress! Loving the lacy texture 🙂


  3. cute!! ; ]

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  4. pretty!
    xoxo Sienna

  5. I adore your shoes!!!

  6. Really pretty 🙂

  7. Really love the B&W effect, makes the shots really dramatic!