Sun Light

Holidays are soon finished  and back to school, but only for two weeks. Than we’ll have vacation again 🙂 Perks of being a student!
I just joined the new Fitness center in my hometown and am very motivated.  My friends are there to, so I’m not worried that I wont go. I also started following all these fitness pages on Instagram that are really motivating.
Jacket, Sweater and Jeans from Zara
Bag from Louis Vuitton
Shoes Alexander Wang


  1. świetne zestawienie

  2. perfect <3

  3. Beautiful coat and clutch!

  4. Dieses klassische Outfit gefällt mir sehr!
    Du siehst toll aus!! 🙂

  5. Love your coat and good luck on the fitness plans!

  6. super look ;))


  7. Lovely outfit dear! Red and black always works so perfectly!


  8. Love the outfit, really classy xoxo

    Fashions Beauty

  9. Beautiful look! The coat is stunning and I love the lip colour! xo


  10. boots – clutch – coat & chunky necklace. I want them all!

    The pieces are nicely put together, the chunky gold with the red and the powerful black clutch to finish (: