Shooting with Gpoint

Remember I told you about the shooting with Gpoint?  We’ll here’s the result! We got to walk through the store and put together 2 looks for the shooting! For the first look I decided to go for this IRO playsuit! That was also the day I fell in love with that brand! In the mean time I’v gone back to Gpoint to get my self some cool stuff from IRO. I just couldn’t help it 🙂
My braid and also makeup was done by the PerfectHair team. It’s always interesting to see how they do your hair and makeup, I try to learn new things how I to do it myself. But often I feel wired when I’m not wearing my daily makeup and have my hair done in a totally different way.
Joseph Khakshouri was our photographer for the day, since I’m a photographer my self I loved spying on how he was shooting and working with light. For the blog we take street style picutres with a very blurry background and natural light. Joseph was working with a flash and very big diffuser which gives the pictures a very different look. What do you think of the result? My Mom didn’t even recognize me! haha!
Playsuit: IRO
Braclets: Crezus or similar here


  1. you looked beautiful my dear 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m a really suprised! I totally understand your mom, you look very different but good! And hey, I’ve got the same problem with IRO, I’m so addicted to that brand but unfortunately I have to safe some money for my holidays.. And I know that feeling with the different hair and make up, it can look amazing but doesn’t feel normal haha. Liked the post very much

  3. So schön 🙂

  4. Love the hair/makeup

  5. The pictures are beautiful and I love your hair !!!

    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

  6. Such a fierce look, I love the hair!

  7. Nice photos 🙂 love that playsuit.

  8. Really really awesome result!

    xx Selina