Second Look Grieder

Here is the second look I put together for Gpoint and my absolut favorite. It’s so pretty I can’t stop looking at it! I wish the MSGM Jacket and Etoil Isabelle Marant Jacket were mine! Still hoping I’ll find them on sale some where! 
Talking about Isabelle Marant, did you know she was creating a collection for H&M soon! Can’t wait, it’s going to be amazing! We’ll I hope because usually I ended up being disappointed because the cloth are so bad quality in those H&M cooperations. 
These shoots were taken by Michele and her camera because she just has the most amazing lens and we were so obsessed with the looks, that we had to take our own pictures as well. As you probably know Alexander Wang has been my absolute favorite brand, but ever since this shooting with Gpiont I’m really obsessed with IRO, MSGM and Isabelle Marant! Those are my top fav now. 
Do you have any fav. brands?


  1. Wow! OMG I love this outfit! I’m really crazy over this jacket, how funny! I mean I’ve seen it on on sale but I have to safe some money for my holidays.. but you should check it out, maybe it’s a good offer:)
    and about the cooperation. I’m so glad finally someone gets to say what it’s really like.. In my opinion quality has it’s price so it’s hard to create pieces that are like the original for H&M prices. Thanks for that!
    And I agree, IRO is one of my new obsessions too besides rag&bone, sandro, helmut lang and zadig&voltaire! GOSH i just love everyhting about this outfit! well done

  2. that’s the link! I’ve found the jacket for you and it’s 50% off.. isn’t that great? Have fun

  3. AWESOME JACKET!!! Wish I could have it 😉

    xoxo Iren

  4. Love it, you look so radiant and pretty!

  5. The jacket is to die for! I’m so excited for the Isabel Marant x H&M Collection!

  6. Wow