Sandro Denim

Denim Shirt : Sandro / Zara bag (similare here or here) / white jeans: Mango / Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff
Remember the look I shot at the lake last week? I think that’s my new favorite place to shoot look’s, even though I feel like I can’t capture the true beauty of this place. I’m probably going to come back and try to shoot looks on this dock from every possible perspective and light situation until It looks amazing! I’m so critical about my self. Every time I look at my pictures, I think: “Oh why didn’t I do my hair properly” or “I should get this and this lens, my photos would look so much more better” and “I should practice editing photos” and so on. I really eager to improve the quality of my blog photos. I’m a big fan of Zanita, Gary Pepper and Shine by three. Their photography is absolutely stunning and I just loooove looking at their photos! Do you know their blogs?


  1. beautiful colors of this look!!!

  2. Yes, I especially love Gary Pepper cause her photos are always beautifully composed and can tell alot of effort was put into taking the shots!

  3. Great location for photos! Gorgeous colours from your outfit. I’m totally a Gary Pepper fan too! xoxo

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