Russian Princess

Skirt and bag: Zara, Sweater: Primark
 Saturday Michele and I meet up to shoot some new looks for our blogs, and ended up causing a lot of attention. People passing us, stopped to watch or secretly made pictures, and one guy even asked if he could take some shoots of us. That  reminded me of the street style photographers at fashion week, except that it was a normal saturday afternoon in Switzerland, Also a fortune teller came up to us, first being curios and than wanting to tell us our future. What a day!
These are the first shots wearing a wonderful flowy maxi skirt from  Zara. I wanted to show of the slits on the side without doing the Angelina, which Isn’t that easy.  I think the picture below show’s that the best. Michele suggest me to wear her fur hat, she’s such a genius! It totally gave the look the last grind, don’t you think?


  1. The first shot is amazing! And the fur hat was a touch of genius (: