I promised you I’d tell you about my bargain during Sale, and boy did I buy a lot. I just really can’t resist a good deal. That’s how these Prada shoes landed in my shopping bag, yet I couldn’t forget that red little bag in the Prada store that would have fit so perfectly to my shoes. So the day after I went back, and got the bag as well. 
We were in the Industrial corner of Zürich to get some cloth for our next shooting. You might have seen what It’s about on Instagram. On our way back home we took some shoot’s of look’s and than this title photo happened. One of my new ultimate favorite photos 🙂

Photos by Michele


  1. What a killer bag! Loving the shoes too 🙂


  2. great look! and hey i’m a swiss blogger too!
    Would you like to follow each other? i’ve already followed you ^^

    i haven’t found many swiss people on the network. If you know anymore please share!