Over the Palm Trees

Sitting in my room, booking the last flights, hotels and rental cars for my summer vacation. I also just booked a paragliding session on mydays.com. I’ve never been bungee jumping, skydiving or anything like that before, but I’v always wanted to. I choose paragliding because I feel like that’s probably the safest. I would totally go skydiving some time, but I thought I would take it easy at first. My Boyfriend whent while he was in Australia and said it was really cool and my brother jumped out of the plane about 26 times while he was in the army.  I think I’m a pretty daring person, but their are times when everything scars me. Just like the fact that I’m going to panama. I felt totally fine about it, until I hear that two Dutsch tourist got killed in a taxi because of organ trade. Now I’m kind of freaked out, even though I know, that Panama is actually a pretty safe country. I hate when I start getting negativ thoughts in my head like that. Thats why I usually don’t read the news and hate watching or reading thrillers, but I  than again I love detective movies.
So back to the look, that has nothing to do with bungee jumping and criminals. It does remind me of Los Angeles, which  I’ll be visiting in August!  Since so many bloggers live in LA, I put together I million places I want to go and eat at. Thanks to those Instagram food photos.
Photos by Michele
P.s Congrats to Michele for wining the Zalando blogger Awards
Bluse: Ganni
Skirt: Finders Keepers
Shoes: Celine
lutch: Dune ( similar here)


  1. Love your Celine sandals. The chromatic of the outfit is so original. Kisses!

  2. So cool that you’ll be coming to LA, it’s the best! You’ll totally blend in with this awesome shirt!! 🙂
    Love the look.


  3. Really gorgeous this look, love so much , beautiful.

    Thanks for your comment.
    See you soon

  4. Wow, tolles Outfit und die Tasche ist sooo cool! Sehr schöne Bilder 🙂 Da hast du ja viel vor im Sommer, das klingt ja super. Ich glaube, ich hätte vorm Paragleiten genauso Angst, aber wahrscheinlich wie du auch noch am wenigsten im Gegensatz zu dem Rest, cool, dass du dich traust 🙂 Viel Spaß bei allem, genieß es!

  5. Great outfit! I love your sandals!


  6. I love your clutch

  7. Hope you’ll be safe and sound in your travels. Love this look btw!


  8. Great outfit, love your palm-print shirt!


  9. Hey Joy, du Hübsche,
    super stylisches Outfit und echt schöne Fotos … Mach weiter so! 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,
    das Team von http://fashion-blogger-werden.de