Milano part 2

During our stay in Milano I mostly discovered all the restaurants and stores around the dome. I think we tried out every restaurant surrounding it, so we usually had a view of the dome while eating. I also loved just watching the people walk by, see what kind of shopping bags they were carrying or watching the street artist perform. My favorite stores were: &other stories, Sephora and La Rinascente.
During our third day in Milano the weather wasn’t that great, so after getting our coffee we did some wellness at the terme Milano. Relaxing in the steam bath, saunas, pools and all the different stations they had. So I’m back in Switzerland fully relaxed. 
Sweater: zara
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: &other Stories
Jacket: Maje
Bag: Alexander Wang
Earrings: Givenchy


  1. You look great!
    Shadow Of Style

  2. Great outfit – simple yet chic. I love your shoes ♥

    Rose Kiara Peaches

  3. nice!! ;0)

    new post

  4. Love those skorts in total white!


  5. super look sweety! gseht sehr guet us!

  6. Your outfit looks so cute and stylish!

  7. fabulous shoes <3

  8. Recently I also stayed for a few days in Milano. Well, what can I say: beautiful city! And your outfit looks so lovely and clean!


  9. Beautiful pictures, and I love your sweater !!


    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog