Little Red Ridding Hood

Fall is so beautiful all those orange colors are so romantic.This year I decided  to give more attention to Jackets, cause that’s all you see in the winter. People always seem to buy black jackets. I also have a black jacket and it’s really practical, but than again I think it’s kind of sad to wear black all the time! I mean colors are so much fun!
This is way I decided I needed a bright red Jacket in my closet. I have to admit, you  fall out of the crowd but hey who cares right?
P.s I did a series with different jackets, stay tuned for my other choices. 
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Shutz
Bag: Michael Kors


  1. needless to say that I love your coat!!

  2. Great autumn look!

  3. Love the statement coat! You can stand out in a sea of black and camel.


  4. That coat is really beautiful!! X

  5. What beautiful coat! You look lovely in red 🙂


  6. What a beautiful coat, that red also is great.

  7. cute…love the colors.

  8. Amazing coat, love your style

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  9. Amazing blog!
    love your style!
    Following u hun<3