In Munich

Greetings from Munich! I just arrived today for the Munich media days that we’re visiting with our school.

I overslept this morning and was 10 min late for the bus leaving to Munich. I was actually hoping that the bus would have a delay anyway so it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it planed to leave on time and my classmates had to bag the driver to wait ten minutes. Luckily he did, telling them Id have to run as fast as 

I could which I did. I almost felt like puking after I fell into my seat. 

Well I made it and I’m excited to discover Munich! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me, so I won’t have to many pictures to share.
Denim shirt, black pants and nikes are my favorite things to wear wen I’m on a photography job. So this is what I call my photographers look. The other reason I dress like that is because I want to look a little tough wen I’m on a job and not to girly girl in a pink blouse and super mega heels if you know what I mean. I have long blond hair and I’m really short so I do have to look what I’m wearing to look a little serious. Not that I’ve ever had a problem. But I want people to see me as a professional so I try to separate blog and jobs unless it’s some kind of fashion job.
Gant Denim Blouse
Zara stripped blouse
Zara leather pants
Alexander Wang Bag
Zara Shoes
H&M hat and necklace


  1. so cute|!! ;0)

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  2. Great shirt and bag!

  3. Love the combination with the two blouses! x

  4. Love the first photo, so sweet 🙂