Hat Day

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend. My Saturday was extremely busy. I woke up early, because I had to do some house hold cleaning and after that  I went to the fitness center to work out. That’s also where I managed to spill almost my whole coffee over my jeans and shoes ( I was standing at the train station, so everybody saw it!) 

 At 1.00 I meet up with Michele to shoot some looks for the blog and than took the train into the City, to pick up a look for a shooting I had on Sunday and than went back to my home town, just in time for work. Uff!

Thank God there’s Sunday! That’s my relaxing day, where I go to my boyfriends place. However I did have to shoot that one look with Andrea from Chic in Zürich. I’ll tell you more about that project soon!

Once I did that, I could finally calm down and enjoy some free time. My Boyfriend and I decided to meet at the lake. That didn’t turn out as smoothly as planed. There are to cities near two different lakes with the same name, and I managed to take the train to the wrong one! 

We did finally meet each other, but little did we know that Sunday was the start of a big Carnival their, and we had to pay so we could even walk down to the lake! But we had a great time the weather was absolutely perfect (not like these photos). Strolled around the lake, enjoyed some ice cream and walked up to the castle. 

These photos are from last week on a rainy school day, where Michele and I meet over lunch. A casual, urban city look 🙂

Denim Top: SandroJacket: zara.
Jeans: Hudson,
Shoes: Vagabond,
Scarf: LacosteHat: H&M
Bracelet: More is love,
GorjanaMarc by Marc Jacobs,
Bag: Alexander Wang