Go for the Stripes

I’ve been seeing all those baseball shirts and sporty looks on blogs but also in stores. So I thought it would be a great Idea to do a sporty shooting. Here is  my first look wearing a striped baseball shirt on a running track in my city. It was so freaking hot that day, I think we were the only crazy people walking around. It was around lunch time while we were shooting these looks, as you can see the light isn’t really good. If you look at the full body picture below you can see that half of my face is in the shadow and my hair looks like a scarecrow. That kind of annoys me, but I’ll find out how to make good pictures  in extreme sunny situations.  A reflector would have been good or just shooting a few hours later if had the time.
Shirt: H&M (find similar here or here)
Shorts: Zara (find similar here)
Shoes: Mango (find similar here or here)
Necklace: H&M (find similar here )


  1. Got this tee in both black & white and I love it !


  2. I don’t remember baseball shirts looking so sexy. Great idea for a background.
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