Did you have a nice weekend? I actually didn’t do much. Saturday I stayed home, cleaned my room and helped my mom with the house hold. Worked out and than spent the day working on an animation for school. I’m still learning how to animate so it’s taking me forever and the results are okey but not worth showing of 🙂 Sunday’s I always go to my boyfriend’s place. The night before I got home at 2 or 3 pm from work and he was out with friend’s so we were extremly tired and ended up sleeping all day!  That’s what I call a relaxed weekend.

Now that the days are getting colder and it’s not so nice to shoot outside anymore I’m wishing  I had a photo studio again or at least a portable studio set to shoot indoors on different locations. My dream set would be the Broncolor Move outdoor Kit 2
 But those studio sets are so expensive. I used to have a cheap set, but the quality was so bad, it pissed me off and I sold it again. 

This is my last look from the jacket series with one of my favorite jackets. We’ll actually it’s Michele’s coat, but I got to wear it 🙂 Over sized is just the best for winter, perfect to cuddle up and stay warm and looks super cool to!
Especially with these amazing colors and patterns:-)
Ganni Jacket
Schutz shoes
Bershka Skirt
Vero Moda Blouse
Michael Kors Bag


  1. This coat is pure perfection! I love your outfit.

  2. So stylish, the patterns looks amazing together!


  3. I really like this look! Beautiful skirt!

  4. What a beautiful coat! And the floral print on the skirt is ultra pretty. Looking lovely, as always! xo


  5. Your picture quality and style is so good!

  6. Lucky you for getting to wear this beautiful coat

  7. also your blog is interesting!!!!

  8. Wow, beautiful jacket!

  9. I love the coat. Looks so cozy and fabulous at the same time!

  10. that coat is AMAZING! love the print and colour! amazing outfit! 🙂

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming