Helli hello how are you all? Here are some shoots Michele and I took over our lunch break, wearing a casual but chic look! I’ve posted this blazer some time ago, I don’t wear it to much cause it’s so minty and bright but I felt like wearing it again. Just was in the mood for some freshness!  You know those days when you get to sleep long, take a run, than shower and feel totally fit and amazing!
Can you see this place in the background, looks like we made a trip out in the forest to a small river but actually were in the middle of city here in Zürich isn’t that cool 🙂
P.s did you here about google wanting to delete GFC! I don’t know if to believe it yet, but I have the bad feeling it might be true. But you can keep following me in Bloglovin:-)
necklace Studio5 find similar here
Jacket Zara find similar here
Trousers Zara find similar here


  1. Love the pants!!! Well done!!!

  2. great Outfit!!

    I’m following you now via Bloglovin – hope you like my blog too and you’ll follow back <3

    XOXO Sandl

  3. Die Jacke ist echt wunderschön 🙂

  4. Compeletely perfect! I love tweed, and I’m really adoring nude shoes with everything.


  5. love your jacket and necklace 😀

  6. Lovely outfit, you look beautiful <3


  7. Such a refreshing look! And yes, the GFC shutting down thing is true!