Fall Trench

Hey there how are you? I’m busy, swirling around from one place to the other, school, film and photography jobs, work, blog, boyfriend and friends in general. My mom was actually surprised that I was still at home this Saturday at 9.30am. I’m ususally so busy that I even get up early on saturdays. Well I actually don’t sleep to long on sundays either.

My mom was even more supriesed when she found out that I’d be home for dinner as well. A rather rare thing, cause I usually get out the house around 7am and come home at 12pm  I don’t know how this happens, but it seems like I just always have a crazy amount of things to do. Right now I should be finishing 2 video and editing an other 2 shootings. And that should actually be done by tonight, which is almost impossible.  Oh well, Ill manage.

Here’s a more fall  outfit in beige-organe tones. The background fits absolutely perfect to this look with all those orange leaves.
Remember when I posted those shoes on  Facebook? Well they finally arrived and are way more higher than I thought.  But since the heels are quite thick, it’s pretty easy to walk in.  Other than that I’m wearing an Gant scarf I got when I visited the Gant show room last year an now suddenly really like to wear. My leather pants that’s keeping me nice an warm in these cold days.  I stole Michele’s MCM bag, cause It just fit so good to the look.


  1. Really beautiful outfit! You look amazing! =)



  2. Great bag and boots!


  3. Love this look and your coat!

  4. You look fabulous! I love that sweater

  5. cute!

    moustachic ♡
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  6. great ;-)))

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  7. What a perfect coat! Love it paired with the leather pants. Great scarf too! xo