Enjoy the Winter Sun

So many reasons to smile. Sunday my boyfriend finally came home from Japan. He was there for work during 3 weeks and I’m so happy he’s back. I feel really bad that he had to work so much and am really happy he can just sleep and get some rest now.  So while I was filming for an client yesterday  he was up in the mountains skiing!  Not fair, I just got a new ski jacket and can’t wait to get on the slopes. Just Kidding, I’m happy for him.

 I had to film or shoot almost everyday since it’s goten so extremely cold outside.  So in the mean time I got really used it, and am even enjoying the fresh air. Now I even have giggle when others are shivering and complaining about the cold. One of the best investments was this blue military Mango sweater I got at the airport  while waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. Way warmer than I thought it would be. Also great to fight the cold is to wear  leather pants, 2 pair of socks, leather gloves, a hat and a scarf. The hat I usually wear is bright red, which probably explains why the barista could remember what coffee I wanted this morning. 
Mango sweater
Jacket from Michele
Leather Pants from Zara
Boots from Vagabond


  1. Fantastic coat and boots!


  2. Herzigä rote Nasespitz. 😉

  3. fine style!!

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  4. That jumper is gorgeous , love the print.
    Becca x


  5. Beautiful shots! Those leather pants are killer! xo