Christmass with LBD

Hey peeps how are you? Sorry for not posting I was in such a stress having to finish loads of stuff before Christmas.  School projects to finish and some video projects for clients. So last week Michele and I organized a cool shooting with one of our favorite Swiss labels, Little Black Dress ( LBD).  Since it’s so cold outside we were looking for a warmer location to shoot the looks and ended up in the zoo in Zürich:-).
In this Look I’m wearing the supernova dress by LDB. Remember the looks I created with the Jakob Schlaepfer jewelry. Well this is one of the textiles from their manufacture
And since the colors are so great for Christmas I thought it would a great look for these days. Enjoy your holidays 🙂


  1. Its like the perfect dress for Christmas!

  2. Awesome dress!

  3. Wow, what a stunning, festive dress! You look lovely! xo


  4. Wow! Love the dress, it makes you sexy! xx


  5. so amazing!! 😉

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