Chines Garden Mix and Match

I just found a new hobby. I though I needed to do some more sport so I went for a little 1km run in my neighborhood. Then one evening I had the genius Idea to make a running playlist and guess what happened than. After my normal 1Km I was still so fit I just kept running an other kilometer and an other and an other and ended up doing 4-5 km!
Ever since than I’m really excited to go running. I even convinced my Boyfriend to come with me 🙂 Not even 36° degrees in the middle of the day can stop me. Hope this motivation stays, when I get back to school. 
P.s Her is the 3rd look Michele and I shot in the Chinese garden. This time mixing and matching colors and prints.
Trousers Zara
Shoes: Masion Margiela x H&M
Blouse and Jacket Zara
Necklace Zara


  1. Looks like music is a great way to get motivated 🙂 love this outfit!