Birthday Girl

Yesterday I had the sudden idea I needed to do the perfect Birthday post. This special Aziza Zina dress I got to choses from the runway during Fashion Days Zürich seemed perfect for the occasion. I also found out that I could get helium filled balloons in the children’s department store near by. 
 Nobody was staring at me when I walked trough the city with 10 balloons tied to my bag.  LOL
  Super sweet white dress and Balloons for my 23rd Birthday! Gosh 23 is so old, I feel like I’m still 16.
So right now I’m waiting for my Boyfriend to come, and than we’ll see what were going to do. I didn’t plan much for my birthday but I always dream of organizing one of those Gossip Girl glamour parties with super fancy dresses in a beautiful villa. I will some day 🙂


  1. you look amazing, love these pictures!
    happy belated birthday! 🙂

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming