Adidas Shooting Part 2

Here is the second series from our photo shooting wearing the Stella McCartney for Adidas collection. As a fashion lover, I think this cooperation with Stella McCartney is one of the bests ever. Sport clothing doesn’t only have to be practical, but can also look amazing. I’m very inspired by this mix of sport and fashion. 
While writing this, I’m sitting in my class room, ready for the first day of school since winter vacation. I didn’t see the mail, that the first class would fall out, but that’s perfect, because now I have time to edit some photos  🙂



  1. Love the short sleeve jumper! Such a cool look

  2. such a great experience!!

  3. Love the colours of this look!

  4. Stella McCartney does such a great job for Adidas. She really understands what a girl needs.