On day 2 I got to wear a Jacket by Stefanie Jaeger. She makes amazing colorful prints and attend the Annabelle awards with here collection this year. Sadly she didn’t win the internship with Anne Valériel Hash. But I got so many compliments for this Jacket I’m sure she’ll have a great future!
 While waiting in the VIP tent for the show to start, somebody bumped into me. I looked to see who It was and needed a moment to realize that it was my friend  Linda with whom I had studied photography 4 years ago! I’t was so nice catch up talking about old times! 
I was also very privileged to have a sneak and peak backstage, thanks to some friends I made in the first year’s of MBFDZ. Walking around backstage and taking some shoots I meet my dear Paul Mitchell friends, photographers Id been shooting with and other friends I had made along the years!  I get so excited when I see old freinds! It’s like a class reunion, this is what I actually love most about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days. Winner of Annabelle Awards  Aurelie Sutter!
Jacket: Stefanie Jaeger
Skirt, Blouse, Shoes: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang
Necklace: j.Crew and Topshop


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  2. your jacket is amazing and look great on you!

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  4. This really is a great jacket you’re wearing.
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