Bobbi Brown

Last week I had the chance to meet the bobbie brown team in Zürich  and learn more about makeup.   They have this program:  How to do your makeup in 10 steps. They start with your skin care and  look what is best for you. I went for BB cream. since I don’t really like wearing makeup.  I usally only use moisturizer in the morning, but BB cream is a combination of moisturizer and foundation.  So that’s a great alternative for me.

Since I don’t want to look like a clown I decided to keep the makeup really decent. I learned that adding some Bronzer after the foundation, makes you face look sun kissed and not so monoton.  I had never used bronzer  before, but I really like the effect.
I also found the perfect color to fill in my eyebrows, since they aren’t very thick. And I bought a gel liner to keep my eyebrows in place. It’s like hair gel for eye brows.  Can’t belive something like that even exists.
 I also learned how to put on the eye shadow. First ad the primer so that the eyeshadow can emphasize. Color the lid with one color of your choice and than take a darker one to  color in your crease.  Also ad a high light to the inner corner of you eye to make it look bigger and fresher.
It’s a very restrained makeup, you can probably hardly see it on the photos. But I learned a lot, and can use these techniques for daily and evening makeup.
Photos by Michele


  1. Lovely make-up! xx


  2. It’s the perfect makeup for a day look. Gorgeous you!

  3. Lobe Bobbi brown makeup! You look lovely, very natural!

  4. I like it, very natural and pretty!

  5. Ooh, what a fun experience. Bobbi makes great makeup! Love how your look turned out 🙂