PKZ Women Store Opening

As you know I have the honer to be brand ambassador for PKZ together with three other bloggers (StefanAndrea and Miji). Here in the picture above you can see us all in one photo. The opening of the PKZ Women store in Zürich  was super glamorous. The store front has a huge video installation by the artist Julian Opie and the inner part of the store is very fresh and modern. The second floor is my favorite, they have some of my top favorite brands like Iro, Sandro and Maje. 

By the way I was wearing a Maje dress for the event. I love it so much, I’ll have to take some more decent photos with this dress.

Dress Maje,
Prada Bag,
Marc Jacobs bracelet,
Grojana braclet,
& 0ther Stories shoes