Young Designer: Unique Fashion Show

Young Designer: Unique Fashion Show

(All pictures by me )

Here are my pictures of the Unique Fashion Show!! I loved it soo much!  They even did a collection out of cleaning material like the green skirt in pictures nr. 4. Isn’t that great! Some wear really really good like a friend of mein in pic nr. 9! She totaly rocked!

xx Joy


  1. love the clothes!

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    xxx mirjam

  2. Those skirts and blazers look amazing :O
    I also really love your blog, I’m following you now with my twitter account (:

  3. that green skirt was WAY too amazing.

  4. I’m sure it was a lot of fun!


  5. These pics are beautiful! Lovely collection, thanks for your sweet comment! Would love you as a follower too 🙂 Like your blog, following 😉

    Have great day!

  6. that green skirt is really something.