winter days

winter days

 It’s cold and rainy outside, days where you sit in front of the fire in a big cuddly knit and a big cup of hot chocolate.  I also took the time to search for some beauty inspirations, since I’m planning on another shooting and need some Ideas for Makeup. This isn’t exactly what I was looking for but I wanted to share it with you. I would like to do a beauty shooting like the second series of pictures some time.  I’m always fascinated by what you can do with makeup. So what are you up to during these darker, dull and colder days?
xx Joy
 Louis Vuitton, Alexander Mc Quenn, Chanel


  1. thanks for sharing this lovely inspiration!

  2. i’m sitting by the fire all cozied up as i write this! nothing better than blog-surfing and a fire place on a chilly night. love all the makeup looks

  3. So many great looks. Rose looks insane in the shot from the Chanel collection. (far right, first looks) So excited for her! We met a few times and I knew she’d do well. I love your blog, following you now. Thank you for your comment on mine, would love for you to follow me too.


  4. love all these ideas—-so fun!!