Winter Arrivals

Winter Arrivals

Shoes, Hat, Jacket from Switzerland, China and Berlin

Finally snow, if it’s cold outside it should at least have snow. Don’t you think?  Plus it’s allowed to wear funny hats like this one. Found it some wear in a shopping mall in Berlin. And believe me I’m already thankful for this guy. I went on a shopping trip yesterday, smartly wearing flats and stupidly not thinking I would freeze my feet of with those flats I was wearing. Luckily my fur friend protected me from the icy wind, which made up for my freezing feet (a little).
Oh and guess what I bought. A Dior rouges and guesses why? Just because it looks cool! Haha I’m such a show off!!
Xx Joy


  1. So cute, love the hat! It’s so freakishly freezing recently, but at least snow makes everywhere look pretty! We haven’t got much snow in London, all disappeared now xoxo

  2. absolutely love your hat!! always one of those!

  3. Qué bonito el gorro!
    Un beso.

  4. Wow dear!!! your vampiar lips are absolutely cute:love it!!!
    If you like my blog and you feel like drinking a sip of ABSOstyle with me, we could followed each other by GFC / Bloglovin’ … 😉 I’ll be waiting for you!!!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  5. So cute

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  6. cut hat.looks so warm.