Win a trip to NY Fashion Week

Win a trip to NY Fashion Week

Shoes from max shoes, denim shirt form H&M, pants from Pieces, Bag Mango

First of all important news: You have the chance to win a trip to NY Fashion Week. All you have to do is upload your picture here, and collect 40 votes. I’m on there already!
Good Luck!!
As some of you might have seen on FB or Instagram (@joyoelen) I got a new lens. A Nikon 50mm. The cool thing about this lens is that you can make a really unsharp background, which is good because the sharp and relevant part of the picutre will stand out more and won’t be distracted by the background.

To my look, yes I have fallen for those wired Isabell Marant look a like shoes. I didn’t like them at first, but after seeing them styled well on quite a few blogs, I decided to go for it 🙂


  1. gefällt mir sehr, besonders die schuhe !!

  2. Love this denim shirt paired with your wedge sneakers ! Lovely outfit !

  3. cute style!

  4. Great look! Love your necklace =)

  5. Love your look!!

  6. i like how you have styled those shoes as well! I might think about getting some as they looks super comfortable

  7. Designer shoes are specially made for fashion lady. If you are a lady, then you should own one.