Watch and Listen

Watch and Listen

shirt,& pants Zara, Shoes Mango
Since the weather was so nice on Saturday my Boyfriend and I went to the lake. We thought it would be full of people but it wasn’t which is really weird?  It was like 25-27 degrees and the sun was shining I really wonder why it was so empty. Well any way good for us because we found a nice spot on a fishing bridge.  Eat Bratwurst, typical Swiss take away sausage, took a little nape, well I didn’t really, I can’t stay still so long! So while my BF was sleeping I took some pictures of the gorgeous nature around us. I also love just watching other people; there was a couple that was giving each other a massage with sun cream not realizing she was presenting her but, while bending over. Then a family came by, and they made the big discovery that there were actually fish in the lake.  Wow did you know that there are REAL fish in the lake?  Watching people is so funny 🙂
xx Joy


  1. Tolles Outfit! Die Hose gefällt mir sehr.

  2. Zuckersüßes Outfit meine liebe :)))

  3. Wow, the colour of this lake is so rich and surreal, and matches perfectly with your pants, love it!