Vlog – Tips Zürich "Niederdörfli"

 I already told you about the video I did yesterday with Mirjam from Chic & Schlau .
For all English readers: First we’re showing you a store called: BOX in Zürich “Niederdörfli”, a store that has a mix of cloth (urban brands), decoration and gift ideas.  The second place we went to is called Cupcakeaffairs.  Place to get the best cupcakes in Zürich and the funniest thing about it, there‘s a cup cake called: Vivienne Westwood!!


  1. Very cool, I liked these places :)) xx

  2. So cool that you did a Vlog. I would have to eat the Vivienne Westwood cupcake!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

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  4. Thank for comment! I loke Your blog a lot! If You want we can follow each other? Let me know.


  5. Cool video!
    Have a great day!

  6. Great places, I love cupcakes!!


  7. cools video 😉 ond danke för die tipps werdi secher mol go verbiluege.lg

  8. cooli tipps. werdet ufjedfall next mol verbiluege 🙂

  9. Zu “Niederdörfli” muss ich unbedingt, wenn ich in Zürich bin. danke für den Tipp!