Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M

I was in such a hurry yesterday, but i still managed to get a peak of the new Versace for H&M collection. I like the black leather series decorated with Gold and Silver beads. The colorful prints are not my type of style, but I met a freind at the show room and she looked absolutely stunning in it! Last photo is with Sonja she’ll be doing an internship at Akris how exciting unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Jeannine my other blogger friend who was there. She’s an amazing stylist working on a project for Bally at the moment 🙂
I’m still sorting out pictures from yesterday at the Cavalli show. They’re coming


  1. Nice outfit 😉

  2. That jacket is incredible.

    The colourful prints are pretty intense… They’re beautiful but a bit too much for me. I can see that they’d fabulous on though..



  3. I love that jacket! Good you got a sneek peak!

  4. loveeeeely!

  5. Lovely post and a very cool blog.

    Want to follow each other.


  6. love the details on the black leather jackets so much 🙂

    nice post.

    xoxo –

  7. i love the black leather colection , did u got something?? ….

    love your blog!!! very professional !

  8. 🙂 Du hesch dir ä schöns Teil usgsuecht, dä Rescht vo dere Kollektion isch jo zum hüüle gsi.