Zara: Jacket+blouse+pants+necklace, Alexander wang: Bag, Marc Jacobs Gold braclet, Gorjana black braclet

I always try to post at least every second day, but that’s just near impossible. Every time I get home from school or work it’s already dark outside, so I can’t do any pictures. So that leaves me with the weekend. Can’t wail till the summer comes back. 

This is the look I wore at the dinner party from work 2 weeks ago. Wanted to show you these amazing velvet pants. Super comfortable and chic! Are you one of those who wash there cloth before wearing them the first time. Well I’m not, I always want to wear new items strait away like these pants.They looked much nicer before I washed them. They shrunk and the velvet threads are looking in all directions and aren’t that soft anymore. Kind of disappointed! You can see it pretty good in the last picture. 


  1. I adore your pants!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous,my dear!;-)

  3. LOVE those velvet trousers! 🙂

  4. Love Velvet. Like your coat