The closet

The closet

 Doesn’t every girl dream of a walk in closet all the dresses, Jackets, Bags and shoes neatly presented and sorted by color. A cute sofa in the middle of the room and right in front a huge silver mirror! Well that’s how I imagine my dream closet. Reality is more the picture beneath!
Okey… a little exaggerate 🙂  I pulled out all my close cause I was looking for something and this morning I thought it was worth a picture:-)


  1. Great picture!

  2. woooow!!!!!!!

  3. haha such a cute photo! wish my wardrobe was that big!!


  4. nice pics!:)

  5. Love the closet from the first photo, need one as well! 🙂


  6. Nice picture! One day I really want to own a walk-in-closet…

  7. Ich möchte unbedingt einen begehbaren Kleiderschrank. 🙂