Stormy Winter Day

Stormy Winter Day

 Wearing snow suit form ?, Shirt; Vero Moda and Sweater Naketano

A snow storm is beating around our small Chalet, making it almost impossible to go down the ski slopes. I did in the morning until my face was all frozen.
After cuddling up under a warm blanket and drinking hot tea and coffee, I went out again. But only to go look at the Igloo my little bro (who does all the pictures for my blog) has built. Then I wondered off to take some pictures of the beautiful snow and the cute chalets around us. 
 Pretty dangerous though cause I almost slipped and fell quite a few times. Luckily nothing happen to the camera.  


  1. the snow and ambience looks great. wish i could be there 😀

  2. looks cold but sooo amazing!
    thanks for your comment!
    im following!

  3. Gorgeous photos! That looks like so much fun 🙂

    XX Kathryn