Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Hello Lovely’s, I updated my pinterest account with all my outfit posts so check it out here.
And while talking about pinterest I thought I might as well tell you witch social media platforms you can find me on. Basically all! Haha!! That’s kind of freaky actually!
Lookbook: Outfits 
Twitter: What I’m doing where and when.
Facebook: Well everybody has FB you know how that works.
Pinterest: Pictures that inspire me for shootings and my outfits.
Instagram: My new favorite, it’s about taking and sharing pictures with your I phone when you’re on the go. It’s only an app nothing on the internet. But you have to get it, It’s so much fun and you can connect it with FB and Tiwtter.
So find me on your favorite social media platform, but most important for me is if you just follow my blog with blogger–> 
or Bloglovin, because that’s what helps my blog to expand. 
Thank you to all that are already following!!
What are you favorite social media platforms?


  1. Hi Joy, I’m addicted to instagram!
    You can find me @intotheblonde on instagram & twitter…we should follow each other!!
    Have a fab Wednesday xoxo

  2. Cool post, I will make sure to follow since I love your blog!

  3. gonna stalk you girl!
    Lala Bang