I’m up in the montages, snowboarding. Here some quick shots I hope to take some nicer pictures tomorrow. Funny I stared wearing jeans again. I haven’t done that in ages!  Thing is I have to wear black jeans for work, so I started to get used to it and then when I was packing to go I didn’t have any black jeans any more so I decided to wear the blue ones.
I actually bought them about 3 years ago and never ever wore them.  I still feel strange wearing blue jeans, but as people (or Justin Bieber) say: “never say never”


  1. have a nice time!

  2. Snow! What gorgeous photos 🙂



  3. hope you’re having lots of fun!
    I haven’t worn my jeans in years either lol..I think I only have one pair right now

  4. I’d like to transfer to some place snowy !
    great pics

  5. I’ve never been on a snow holiday & would love to try snowboarding xoxo

  6. Never been before, must try it sometime!! x

  7. i hate that i have to wear long pants to work too! 🙁

  8. waoo you are so beautiful and your blog is really nice!! congrats for your good work!! I wanna follow u!!! see u soon…

  9. Ig finde, dass du sehr guet chansch blue-jeans träge und das au chlei me söttesch mache.

    lässe din blog seehr gäre.

  10. Jeans are a bit cold in the snow!

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