Snake print dress

Snake print dress

 I got this snake printed dress a few weeks ago in Zara, and was waiting for the right occasion to wear it. Elite Model seemed to be right 🙂 Oh and did you see that my hair is bunned up in photo nr. 2. I actually always walk around like that because my hair seems to be in the way. I loosen it up for photos because it usually looks weird if I don’t. 
I made the experience with other people too. I used to do a lot of passport photos and always recommended our clients to untie their hair. After showing both versions, they had to give me right. It’s really weird. I mean in real life tied hair looks good but on photos it usually doesn’t.
xx Joy


  1. I love this look, the dress is wonderful! I have just discovered your blog and I love your style, so I’m your new follower! Kisses,

  2. Great dress!


  3. I love the hair up though! You look gorgeous both ways. 🙂 x

  4. Great post!
    Can you follow each other?
    I’m following you!

  5. Wow it’s great,
    and I like it when your hair is bunned up! Though when it’s all loose it’s great as well ^^