Shirt Vero Moda, Shoes Mango, Necklace Guess
My computer is finally working again. I wanted to post this a few days ago and then someone spilled water over it. I’m so happy to have it back again. Not having my computer is like missing an arm.
I love wearing basics! This Shirt-Sweater can be trough over to hang around at home or dressed up with belt around the waist, nice tights, a blazer and some nice jewelry and you’re ready to go to a party.
This cute Guess necklace I’m wearing around my neck, I got from my Boyfriend during our stay in Holland 🙂


  1. You look so good here!
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  2. This is such an awesome look! xo


  3. Hey doll,
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  4. Great look
    simple & sexy!

  5. du siehst super aus :)<3

  6. How do you look so good in such a simple outfit? Must be the way you wear it, with the sleeves being different and the strapped ankles… oh you are such an inspiration!

    PS. can’t believe i haven’t been back here for so long! my bad!

    Nora Finds

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