Santa came

Santa came

 Today is the 6 December. Santa day in Switzerland! In our culture he comes out of the woods with a donkey and brings the kids nuts, chocolates and German kind of Gingerbread. In Holland ( I’m half Dutch) Santa comes with a boat from Spain and a white horse on the 5 December. All the kids put their shoes under the chimney, so Santa can bring them their presents. I guess we kind of got a mix of these to cultures. Cause this morning my shoe/ heel was filled with goodies. It did kind of look funny next to tree sneakers 😉  How do you celebrate Santa clause? Happy Santa day!
xx Joy


  1. I know it from Germany! I miss it here in New Zealand!
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  2. what what what???!! this sounds like the most amazing and fun holiday/tradition EVER!! woow…thanks for sharing!

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  3. like your blog 🙂
    in germany the nikolaus comes to us and give us a bread, that called “stutenkerl” and some fruits or chocolate ;D

  4. That’s so sweet! x hivenn

  5. So does this mean you do not celebrate the “Christian” date of the 25th? Do you ever exchange gifts, or is it just food and treats? Such a cute tradition…