Roberto Cavalli in Switzerland

Roberto Cavalli in Switzerland

Roberto Cavalli the Master of Animal prints and flowing dresses, making every girl feel like a star! Yes that’s him and he’s coming to Switzerland’s second fashion week in Zürich! And he won’t go home alone! The winner of the Annabelle Awards 2011 gets a placement for Cavalli. He’s in the Business for over 40 years and as you know one of the most important Designers of the time! So this year’s winner is Dam Lucky. Maybe I’m lucky too and get to see him and his show!

xoxo Joy


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  4. When is swiss fashion week? In November?:)

  5. wow! love it, it looks magical!
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  6. There’s so dramatic. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  7. i love looking at his runway collections! that photograph inspires me!

  8. Ich würde ihn auch sehr gerne treffen. 🙂