Rick Lee and Mila Miyahara

Rick Lee and Mila Miyahara

Rick Lee
This is like the new it bag!  I love, love, love it! Isn’t it amazing? You can use it for little things like phone, purse, makeup ect. Or pull it out and use it for shopping purchase, Fitness, or Whatever!
  The clutch and shoes are great party accessories and the blouse is just gorgeous! Love how it’s see through  and has this amazing Tailoring.
Milla Miyahra
I’m wearing the most amazing dress! It’s so elegant and has this great leather top. I didn’t take many pictures of the other items in the collection, because I’ll be doing a photo shooting with it soon! Very excited about that! Found a very, very beautiful location and I just found out that Michele Comté did a shooting their some time ago. Maybe I can show you some photos of it.


  1. wow! the shoes on 2nd blog!
    Love your blog!

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  2. That bag is the coolest thing!

  3. You’re so beautiful! Fabulous pieces! I love every single item, they’re just gorgeous.

    en la moda


  4. adorable outfit! your so pretty!


  5. Those shoes are amazing! The heel is so original!

  6. interesting shoes:)

  7. I really like all the stuff. The bag is so cool and the heels are stunning. What’s more the dress is awesome. I love patterns of the garments.. kinda geometrical.


  8. wauwww! fancy stuff! love the bag!

    – True

  9. Wow, this dress is stunning, and so are you! xxx

  10. OMG ! I like your style. YOu re so beautiful. Your shoes, bags , dress amazing !
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