Every since I ordered my Alexander wang bag on I’ve literally gone online -shopping-crazy. Thank God Net-a-porter has sale now! I found these two amazing sweaters. One is Alexander Wang— > Yes I am crazy about Wang. I think it’s even my favorite brand. Besides Balmin, but that’s soo expensive! Look here if you want know what I mean. I know your moth probably just drooped! 
So back to the Wang sweater, I’ve been wearing it, the whole day now, and boy is it comfortable. I really didn’t expect that. The other sweater is Karl cool to, but honestly it’s pretty short. Oh well I’ll tuck it in a skirt or so. Will work some how. 


  1. great post honey, i really love jumpers!

    happy yearr

  2. I just looked through some of your other posts and really enjoyed visiting your blog! Come by soon, and let’s follow each other!


  3. jaa de Shop isch geil 😀

  4. schöne Pullis.. Onlineshops sind leider zu verlockend. 😀

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