Over knees?

Over knees?

 Good morning dears how are you? I found these pair of tights at H&M. They look like your wearing over knee socks isn’t that cool? I’m looking for a pair of perfect winter shoes. what would you recomend?


  1. Your outfit is so simple yet chic, and your tights are too cute for words! Aaaand, I think you are just so beautiful! 🙂

    Also, I just bought the ‘Andre Wedge Lace Up Boot’ in black from Topshop – I think they are the perfect winter shoes!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog too! I’ll be following yours on Bloglovin’. 🙂

    Love, Mandy xx

  2. i love ur tights and i say go and get a pair of docs or creepers for winter ehhe, celine bag

  3. omg i love your style!! So nice blog 😉
    I follow you now!
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  4. The outfit is so perfect on you. You look so awesome 🙂

    White Honeyr

  5. thank you darling for the nice comment
    lovely outfit, i’ve to admit that i thought you were wearing over-knee socks! Mm, i would reccomend the very cute wellinghton boots or ankle boots for winter days!

  6. Love these, I’m looking for something like this, great! xoxo